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The Lord Is Not There (free song, upcoming kindle release, and thanks!)

A year or so ago, I retreated up to the small chapel at Old Oak Ranch in the Sonora Mountains with Andrew Phillips and recorded some music. One of the songs we recorded is called "The Lord Is Not There" and the lyrics are made up of the story in 1 Kings 19:11&12 about the gentle whisper.

To celebrate A Gentle Whisper being released on Kindle next week, I thought it might be fitting to offer a free song as a symbol of gratitude to those who've purchased or read it over the last couple of months.

It's available for your listening below on this post or for free download by right-clicking here! I hope you enjoy.

Thanks again to every one of you who was kind enough to purchase A Gentle Whisper, wrote kind reviews on Amazon, and have taken the time to talk with me about your thoughts after reading it. You've sweetened my life. Thank you.