Making Scary Decisions, Faithfully

Shawna and I have moved 12 times in 11 years of marriage. You’d think we were people who absolutely love to move and dislike being in one place for too long, but you’d be mistaken. Very seldom have our moves been instigated by own choosing. It has not been easy for us.

We surprisingly really enjoy consistency. And now that we’ve just made another big move back to Portland, OR from Sunnyvale, CA with a 7 month old, we’re ready, once again, to stay in one place for a while. We’re living in the Woodlawn neighborhood in NE Portland. I’m currently across the street from our apartment sitting at a coffeeshop which is only a block away from The Oregon Public House, where I’ll be working. The Woodlawn neighborhood is home. It is sweet.

The outside seating area at Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry shop

The outside seating area at Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry shop

Moving here was a huge leap of faith for our family. We were very well provided for in California and near our families (aka free babysitters). It was kind of stupid of us to leave! But this time, it was a choice. While living there and working with Stu Nice and Brook Fonceca at Valley Life Church, I was given more room than I’d ever known. Room to be, heal, dream, and grow. It was such a gift. Absolutely priceless. I am immensely grateful.

Now, not to be morbid or anything, but I think about death on a daily basis. I realize (and want to realize) that this is all extremely temporary and limited and I want to experience the “life and life more abundantly” that Jesus defined as His reason for living. (I don't believe I would be betraying His sentiment by retranslating it to "love and love more abundantly"). In light of that, one of my biggest challenges in life is discovering how I want to spend it. While we were in Sunnyvale, I finally felt like I discovered my vision for our future. At least a very specific direction to walk toward.

Once I began working toward it, the opportunity opened up at The Oregon Public House to help discover ways for the pub to outwardly love its (now our) community. It is a remarkable step in the direction we want to go as a family.

Financially, this is a pretty huge leap of faith for us. Comfort-wise, it was also a huge leap of faith for us (Shawna hadn’t seen our apartment or even been back to Portland since we last lived here). Parenting-wise… you get it. I could go on and on about the leap of faith this has been, but that is also why we had to do it. Life is too short NOT to live by faith. 

Life is so short. If we don’t make room in our lives for God to show His love and care, we will go our whole lives without experiencing and fully knowing it (and it has to take place in that order). Now that we believe we have a vision for the direction of our lives, we have to start walking toward it; fearlessly and faithfully (i.e. full of faith/trust).

Josh Pinkston