Mama Shawna

For God wanted them to know ... this is the secret: Christ lives in you.
– Colossians 1.27

It’s a countdown to parenthood here in the Pinkston household. Our due date is just a couple weeks away which means he could be arriving at any time now. The thoughts and emotions are almost so much that I’m unable to get any of them out onto digital paper; something I like to call the "Stooges Effect”. That’s when there is so much trying to come out at once that nothing is able to make it through, not unlike when the Three Stooges all try walking through a doorway at the same time and end up getting stuck.

One thing that has stayed with me over the past nine months has been Shawna talking about how often she has had to remind herself that she is pregnant. When our baby isn’t trying to Jackie Chan his way out of her stomach, she would often find herself going about life as she normally would (an increasingly rare occurrence as the due date nears). Then, walking by a window or mirror and seeing a reflection she would remember with a sense of shock, “OMG, I’m PREGNANT!

Especially early on, it was easy for her to behave or feel as if there wasn’t a new and fragile life inside of her. She would want to do something as natural as lie on her stomach and then suddenly remember how that might not be the right thing to do because she is pregnant. She had to keep reminding herself about this new life within her and shared with me about the striking similarities between this new experience and knowing the kingdom/residence of God within. This has been one of the most amazing parts of our being pregnant, for me.

We are all housing a Life beyond our own. Even right now. It might even be said, especially right now; because the present moment is the most significant time to be conscious of such a reality.

Some folks live in the past, others just worry and pray for the future, but there is no more important moment than the one we are being given now…whenever that is.

Our immature consciousness has weak eyelids. Like a new born baby, it is difficult to keep our eyes open for too long. After a few seconds of looking around, our eyes close and we forget where or who we are. A daily practice of Silent Prayer helps create an endurance with this awareness. Without some kind of consistent discipline or exercise, the skill and mental muscle can’t progress and complaining about our weak consciousness without doing something about it is like an overweight guy complaining about his clogged arteries while eating bacon maple donuts. We all need to learn to be intentional about being awake!

So remember, you’re pregnant. Don’t forget it. There is a life within you that is beyond you while also giving you an opportunity for a fuller and more abundant life. Do what you can to give it the sustenance and conditions it needs to thrive.

For we know that all creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.
– Romans 8.22

Josh Pinkston