Practicing being present...

[There is] one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.
– Ephesians 4:6

When we're intentionally and primarily focused on God's presence, the concern of our own presence quickly follows. His presence draws our presence out from its covering of woundedness, insecurities, and confusion which has built up over time.

When we become frustrated with not feeling the presence of God it’s usually because we’ve reached a limitation in our own presence, not God's. We don’t want to be anymore present in our heart, soul, mind, or strength than we already are. It might cost us too much! We don’t want to leave the covering of our comforts, fears, or identity because they are familiar. Familiarity quickly becomes deprivation of Trust.

Am I wholly present to God? Or am I only present to God for the sake of my present problems or circumstances? How am I present to my friends, family, significant other, or strangers? Am I distracted?

Being fully present to God requires our being fully present to ourselves and to others. If we are not, then our motives rooted in woundedness and insecurity go unchecked and our faith in God is just another attempt to conceal an aspect of our own presence.

We can't be present to the abiding love and presence of God when we are divided by our anxieties and self-centeredness. It dilutes our being. God is too interested in our wholeness and happiness to let us do that to ourselves and His presence dwelling within us. He brings a Gentle Whisper to draw us out from it.

May we take time to cultivate the sensitivity to a Gentle Whisper.

Josh Pinkston