Christian Environmentalists #CanIHaveAnAmen?

God made light, water, land, vegetation, the moon, sun, stars, all living creatures, and people and said, “It is good.”
– Genesis 1

It is odd and sad to me how emotionally reluctant our Christian culture has been to wanting to find ways to study and take care of our environment. I believe that it reveals poor morality.

Recently, I read a quote from a popular Christian speaker which stated how he believed God was just going to “burn everything up in the end,” so he doesn’t really care about the environment and bragged about driving a big SUV. Yup, people applauded. … ? *facepalm*

I can’t help but take a closer look at what this is modeling to others and what it says about ourselves. Think about how it might look if that attitude and theology were applied to any other area in life. Doesn’t it reek of the self-centered philosophy of, “Let’s eat, drink, and be marry, for tomorrow we die,” while distorting and manipulating it to be an expression of Christianity?

Just because you believe that something is going to go away, that means you can treat it as if it were yours to discard? What does that model for children? What does that model for the atheist? What does that say about us and our belief about the love, compassion, selflessness, and humility of God?

Shawna and I are nowhere near as “green” as we hope to be, but we are trying and will continue to try because God called the earth and all the life on it good. Why wouldn’t I make it a religious priority to see, delight, and tend to the things God deems as good? That is what the Spirituality of Christ directs us to do. Comfort and convenience may feel “good,” but I want to be about true Goodness, no matter the discomfort. That is the message of the cross. #CanIHaveAnAmen?

Josh Pinkston