Thank you for your sensitivity...

The fruit of the Spirit is love...kindness...
– Galatians 5:22

I'm so grateful for the sensitive people in my life. There are many of you that I'd like to thank for the encourage words and messages that came after my Father's Day post. It meant a great deal to me. I want to be more like you. 

Sensitivity is a Divine attribute, I believe. So, I never want to take it for granted. Thank you. My Father's Day was full of meaning, significance, and warmth.

Thelonious the Monk here finding a safe place in the midst of a lot of defensiveness.

There is a verse about sensitivity that a friend and I were talking about today. He is very sensitive and it is such a gift to me. The implication of this verse drastically changed my life:

Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality...
– Ephesians 4:19

Drawing a direct connection between sensitivity and sensuality was something I had never seen, heard, or thought of before. After having read it, my eyes were opened to seeing my being overly sensual as my truly being overly insensitive.

Of course, when we read "sensuality" we tend to limit it to regard only sexuality. That's a huge mistake. While it is a part of it, it means something much larger to me:

  • Sensitivity = the ability to see, feel, and know things (emotionally, physically, spiritually) as they are.
  • Sensuality = the limited ability to see, feel, and know things (emotionally, physically, spiritually) only as they pertain to me.  

The "sensuality" being referenced here is the self-centric expression of sensitivity. This plays out in every area of life. I see people interpret Scripture without any sensitivity and realize that there is sensuality behind their interpretation. That may sound weird, but it "feels good" to think we "know" something. When we "know" something and we feel good about it, we then feel okay to stop listening to any different opinion from others with any kind of sensitivity. We feel good about what we know! It's sensual, it's not spiritual.

What this has taught me is that sensitivity is a deep Christian value.  When I am self-centric in my actions, thoughts, and/or feelings, it sets off an alarm in my mind that I am in some way being insensitive to Christ and others. Being insensitive to the Life in all and through all is to miss out on having the "life and life more abundantly" that Jesus said he lived to give.

Sensitivity expands my life and the response I received from so many people after my last post really showed me that. Again, thank you!