Things a lovely hermit friend once told me...

There is no fear in love. Instead, perfect love drives fear away.
1 John 4:18

There is a wonderful Hermitage in Sonoma, CA called Sky Farm where I've had the privilege to meet hermit named Sister Michaela after Shawna gifted me with a four day personal retreat there. There is little that compares to talking with someone whose committed themselves to a prayerful life of solitude. I liken it to speaking with a Lord of the Rings character, which makes me laugh, but also has some validity to it. There is a sense of wisdom and insight that transcends circumstance and age.

A single chair to observe from, at Sky Farm Hermitage

Over time, Sister Michaela and I have corresponded through email about life and Christ. She has been praying for Shawna and I and become a very meaningful presence in our lives.

While I was on personal retreat at Sky Farm, Sister Michaela said many meaningful things to me. I began telling her about an area in our lives where we are feeling a little afraid to move forward. We'd experienced such heartbreak in the past that's it's difficult to imagine taking steps in any direction. The words she responded with continue to resonate within my heart. The Sister gently sighed with a smile, looked me, and quietly said, "Oh, fear is useless."

God, I want to live that way.

Josh Pinkston