Wisdom in shuttin' the ol' yapper...

With lots of words comes wrongdoing,
    but the wise restrain their lips.
Proverbs 10:19

At some point, I thought it was aceptable to have and excessive amount of emphasis placed on my opinions about God and other people's lives. Seriously, I can have an answer for everything! Opinions about politics, money, sexuality, marriage, dating, parenting, studying, teaching, growing up, being an employee, being an employer, and so on.

I also see that I've not been alone in this. It appears to be a fairly natural thing for most people. Yet, it is still surprisingly common in the church. There are two devastating things about this:

  1. We're are known more for our opinions than we are for our love of God or our neighbor (which is the core principle of Christianity).
  2. The fact that we already have an answer and opinion for everything means that we have no need to rely on the abiding love and presence of God to speak or guide us in our moment-to-moment lives. God's presence comes second to our godly opinions.

Those are two very important and serious things to me. They aren't a reflection of the Living Christ.

I don't want to just focus on the negative though. The new Church I see living life (mostly outside of the church system) inspires me. They aren't scared of God, but they don't want to live without Him. They shy away from opinions about others (which church leadership often scolds them for), but desire to find a personal connection with Him.

It may be a good thing for us to wait for people to ask for our opinion before we share it (or just blog about it in the meantime, whydontchya). And while we're reserving our opinion, peacefully resolving to do simply what Jesus instructed us to do: wholly love God and, likewise, love our neighbor as ourselves.

Josh Pinkston