Hanging Out with my friend, the Franciscan Priest...

Behold, I am making all things new.
Revelation 21:5

Brother Dan and I having lunch in Pacific Grove, CA (photo credit goes to a sneaky Shawna Pinkston)

Today, I had the privilege of hanging out with a close, dear friend of mine who lives as a Franciscan Priest at Mount Irenaeus in Buffalo, NY. His name is Fr. Dan Riley, but we affectionately refer to one another as Brother. We share very different journey's with extremely meaningful similarities.

Last week, Brother Dan was awarded an honorary doctorate at a university in Vermont. He shared about how this event at the age of 70 made him pause and reflect, with a twinge of melancholy. It was a commencement. Which provokes the question, "What's next?"

The beautiful thing was, after sitting with the question for a while and talking with a friend, it eventually gave way to joy. The inflection of the question changed from, "What's next?" to, "What's next?!" That subtlety in variation is the mark of someone who truly trusts Christ.

Christian Trust changes a person's character. We know that everything is an ending and everything is a beginning and we grow attached to neither, but celebrate and savor them both. All things are being made new by the hands and creativity of Love. Trusting in that will enlighten the deepest shadow.

Josh Pinkston