Let's stop being so anxious for Christ's sake...

I tell you, do not worry. Don’t worry about your life...
Jesus, Matthew 6:25-34

It's amazing to me how many Christian's (especially Pastors) live their lives as if Jesus never made this very direct statement. Of course, I know it is far easier said than done, but when did that make any of Jesus' words less significant? It should have the opposite effect.

What's humorous about this is how simple and wonderful the instruction is: don't worry. Jesus isn't telling us to give up anything other than worry, yet we hang onto it like it's one of our vital organs and revolve our prayers around it (instead of Christ). Whenever anything brings us to a point of worry it reveals that where our priorities really are and it reveals that trusting God comes second. Being honest about this is much more helpful than pretending your concerns are more valid.

What I've seen happen so many times before is people who feel called to be ministers and then allow themselves to become overwhelmed with worry regarding ministering. Is God nothing more than a Mission Impossible-style phone call; giving us a mission and then leaving us to do it out of our own awesomeness? What kind of god would that be? If that were the case, our hope would really be in our own awesomeness and our god would be a manipulative cosmic general.

That is not the case. God is with us. Let's not be anxious, for Christ's sake. It does us, God, our families, our churches, and our friends no good.

Seek the alternative. Find the alternative. Internally.

Josh Pinkston