that faith I smell?

"Faith is the assurance of things you have hoped for..."
Hebrews 11

Somewhere along the way, we reduced faith to being an agreement with a perspective on historical events (i.e. two thousand years ago this happened, this way, for this reason). That's all fine and dandy for theology, but it isn't really the definition of faith in Scripture. 

That kind of faith quickly grows stagnant. What do two thousand year old facts have to do with my current life circumstances? Meister Eckart put it extremely well when he asked, "What is the good if Mary gave birth to the Son of God two thousand years ago, if I do not give birth to God today?" Faith, as I understand it, is trusting that God is waiting to be birthed in my ordinary life, right now; not only two thousand year ago in a more extraordinary time. What's so valuable of those old facts is that they reveal this eternal truth.

Faith as an adherence to facts just becomes staunch, stinky, stagnant opinion that must be defended and preserved, easily becoming ego-centric. Faith as an active trusting in the abiding love and presence of God is sweetly transformational and Christ-centric. True faith is trust, simply and plainly. In all and through all.

So, is that faith I'm smelling?

Josh Pinkston