"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit…" Jesus, John 15:5

Someone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus', but without the inconvenience of discipline is like the caboose of a train detached from the engine. Sure, you're on track. Sure, you are a part of the train. But you aren't going anywhere. The connectedness that Jesus points toward in John 15:5 is more than just an agreement with a historical story about Jesus' life and purpose. It is a discipline of setting aside my expectations and, simply, actively, Trusting.

Trusting what? We are Trusting that Christ is just as alive within us as he was to the disciples over 2000 years ago. Truly living out of this profound Trust takes a discipline of consistently returning to stillness, sensitivity, and receptivity to a Gentle Whisper.

The reason this discipline is required is that God positions Himself in such a way in our lives (beneath the surface) that He is easily ignorable, easily overlooked, easily forgotten. It is the humility of God. As we increase in our own consistency and humility, we increase in our receptivity to a consistently humble God. This receptivity and consent has to be personally cultivated. Daily. Hourly. It is completely counter-culture.

"God is with us." Not externally, but gently, internally. Now.