Meek... Whatever that means. (Happy Earth Day!)

A butterfly that went along with me for a while on a hike.

"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." Jesus, Matthew 5

Happy Earth Day! Lately, as I've been reading through the sermon on the mount, when I come across Jesus' statement above I've chuckled to myself. The statement has perplexed me for a while for a couple of reasons:
1) "Meek" is not a word that I'm incredibly familiar with. I doubt that I've ever actually heard it outside of religious gatherings.
2) What it means to "inherit the earth" is an even less familiar concept to me.

This little beatitude has been humorous to me because what I see now when I read it is, "Blessed is the one who declines to take part in the fight over land, power, and dominion, for those who are doing the fighting are all just going to kill each other. Then, after they're gone, you get it." That's kind of funny to me, in a dark humor kind of way.

It is a reality though. I see it happening nationally and internationally, but I can also see it being lived out in our homes, marriages, friendships, churches, schools, et cetera. It's a devastating condition we're in. I want to continue to learn how to put down my emotional and mental offense and defense mechanisms. I want to be meek...whatever that means.