In the midst of spiritually dry times...

Adopt the pace of of nature; her secret is patience.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

My friend James Doehle kindly sent that quote to me. Its insight, simplicity, and honesty are humbling.

The pace I feel in life isn't natural, but it's become our natural disposition. We age, grow, and mature slowly. This does not only apply to our physicality but to our psyche and spirituality as well. Yet, we are racing around from activity to activity in a way that gives us no time for sitting with a moment in any kind of truly natural way. We can learn a lot by slowing down, raining our minds to slow and calm to the pace of trees. For the reign of God is like a mustard seed. It grows (slowly) in the darkness and stillness of soil and becomes a tree (slowly).

Busyness often produces spiritual dryness for me. Moving, furnishing our home, adjusting and adapting to our new lives, getting a new pup, naming her Kitty, saying goodbye, saying hello ... when everything is totally inconsistent it's been very easy to lose touch with What Is Consistent.

We see space in our lives and immediately want to fill it. We feel space in our lives and we impulsively (and maybe instinctively) want to fill it. Space is another word for emptiness.  In the midst of this season in our lives, all space and emptiness has been overwhelmed with things, responsibilities, opportunities, and necessities. The feeling of space isn't really an option. But, somehow it creeps in, a feeling that Something is missing. There is an emptiness in the fullness. I am not addressing an absence of prayer or reading or any of those devotional practices. They are there. But space is not. An emptiness for Something, some One, to just be. No expectations. No requirements. No demands. Just Being.

This is what it takes to be as present to the Moment (Christ), as the Moment is to me. It takes space to do this. Emptiness. It's funny to find emptiness as the path to presence. It is truly a narrow door, through which only simple presence can fit, that leads to Life.

Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.
– Jesus, Matthew 10:39
Josh Pinkston