Hello darkness, my old friend...

Those who explore the dark with Love as a torch and Trust as a guide find it good.
 – Helen Keller

Trust is a dark thing. And when I say or write “trust,” it is always interchangeable with the word “faith” because they are one and the same thing.

A picture taken while on a personal retreat.

Faith is a dark thing.

Growing up, trust/faith had always been understood to be a bright light that made all things clear, like supernatural eyeglasses that reveal the future. As I think about it now, in the “light” of experience, I see faith more as eye-covers which make us rely more entirely on a Guide. It is a gift that challenges all of my anxiety, skepticism, and complacency, but it is nonetheless, a very good Gift.

When Shawna and I up and moved from “home” to Portland, we had no idea what was out ahead of us, but we knew that we were needing to take a step out into an unknown. With each step forward it seemed that a foundation formed beneath our feet just as were descending. This sensation hasn’t concluded…and I’m not entirely sure that I’d like it to.

This (our faith) has once again enriched our marriage. Trust intertwines us in a way like no other thing.

Any relationship is not a healthy relationship without trust. There is no real relationship without intimacy, no real intimacy without vulnerability, and no real vulnerability without trust. Thus, trust is the animator of relationship.

This helps me understand why God has set himself up in our lives in a way which we can only relate and communicate with him through Trust (Faith). The wonderful thing about this is, with Trust being the only way of relationship, we are given the potential of an infinitely intimate Relationship, where all satisfaction and wholeness await.

Jesus said in John 9:39, “I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.” This statement should effect the way we pray.


Josh Pinkston