Getting to know A Gentle Whisper author
Josh Pinkston


Q: How did A Gentle Whisper come about?
A: Elijah's story in 1 Kings 19 has been a source of comfort and inspiration to me for many years. As painful circumstances come into and go from my life, it is a great consolation to see how they aren't an infliction caused by a manipulative god. Elijah's story has helped me see God as Christ reveals Him: With Us.

Q: How long did writing it take you?
A: Well, I was in the midst of writing another book when hit a wall towards its conclusion that sent me into a creative tailspin. [laughs] A month later, A Gentle Whisper kind of poured out of me over the course of about 6 months. Having talked about it at retreats and camps that I've directed was very helpful.

Q: So, does that me we can expect another book soon?
A: I don't know about soon, but I am working hard on a few different subjects that I'm pretty excited about. I hope one of them might be finished sooner rather than later.


Josh Pinkston lives in the east bay of California with his wife, Shawna. He directs retreats for people of all ages, is a licensed and practicing LifeCoach, and Pastor within The Foursquare Church.


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